Raffles Residences

Another throwback post to one of my work + play moments back in 2013. This occurred around the 2nd quarter of 2013 during my Australasia vacation and while I was in Manila I was hired to do a photo + video of 3 units being sold in the Raffles Residences Makati.

It was also my first time to step foot at the residential hotel since prior to 2013, the hotel wasn’t built yet. If you search the company website, words such as “luxury living” will constantly pop out. What will probably stand out for me from this hotel (aside from the impressive facilities) would be their friendliness and service. I would probably put them at par with the Shangri-la Resorts. I remember being asked 4 – 5 times if i needed help carrying my camera bag. I refused each time just because it would just be easier for me to carry my gear around since I am more efficient that way.

Location. Location. Location. Despite not having a balcony which i’ve started to become accustomed to ever since moving to Vancouver. One of the prime selling points of the Raffles Residences Makati would be its location and the convenience that comes with it. It’s similar to the Oakwood where the mall and all your daily necessities (and even more) can be found within a block’s radius. And since the units are fully furnished, all any buyer, guest or tenant would have to do is transfer their clothes and personal items – they won’t even have to transfer any kitchen equipment because these come with the unit. Lastly, the unit was furnished to reflect the Raffles lifestyle so expect a contemporary, modern yet homey feel.


For Sale: Unit 1711 Raffles Residences and Unit 1916 & 1917 Raffles Residences

Client: Vince Garcia / palmview@pldtdsl.net 

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2 Responses to Raffles Residences

  1. great work, isa! how are we not able to purchase fully furnished units here in canada? so convenient!

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