Skies painted with unnumbered sparks

It’s TED fever in Vancouver this week and although I do not follow the conference like other people do, I do try to keep myself updated with any art installation that they showcase in the city especially if it’s done outdoors. Having said this, I learned about Janet Echelman’s artwork when it was announced months ago that she will be installing her latest work – Skies painted with unnumbered sparks,  during the Vancouver TED conference which runs from March 17-21, 2014.

After researching more about her background and artwork, I was intrigued and told myself that I just had to make time to see this in person. Aside from that I wanted to see if all the hype would live up to the finished product. There were 2 things that intrigued me the most. 1) Its size – it’s 745 ft wide and suspended on air – particularly for this one, it is sandwiched in between the Vancouver Convention Centre and Fairmont Hotel. 2) Supposedly there was an interactive component to it wherein viewers can control the light being projected through their smart phones. And so i went with a friend, and braved the cold weather. The photos i took pretty much speaks for what I saw and experienced so to all my Vancouver friends, if you have the time, do try and check her artwork within the week since they take it down on March 22, 2014.

For more information about Janet Echelman and her artwork, you can read all about it on her website –

Janet Echelman 1 lowres Janet Echelman 2 lowres Janet Echelman 3 lowres Janet Echelman 4 lowresJanet Echelman 5 lowresAnd of course, we couldn’t help ourselves – we just had to have a selfie with it.

Janet Echelman 8 lowres

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