A cozy entertainment pad in Downtown Vancouver

The listings that i get excited about are the ones that seem like they were taken out of Pinterest or interior design magazines, and I am happy to share that this is what i exactly photographed last week for LivingSpaceImaging. Prior to meeting the owner, I had a small chat with the realtor (Chris Burns) who reiterated that he wanted to have as many photos of the unit as much as possible to properly represent it. It is a 1 bedroom apartment and typically around 10 photos will suffice to capture the entire space but he wanted double the amount and at the back of my mind, I was about to push that maybe 10 would be enough already or else he’ll just be receiving double images of the same angle of the apartment.

Once we stepped into the apartment, that initial thought disappeared because this little space had so much character that i could have probably stayed for another hour, just appreciating the amount of work and detail that was put into this living space. What’s also surprising is that the owner of the unit who has lived in it for 3 years is not a professional interior designer. I was able to chat with her a bit and she explained that she designed the unit in such a way because “she loves to entertain and have guests over”. This was also her testing ground if there was money for her to earn in flipping apartments or houses. I have no doubt that this unit will sell quickly and that she can make this hobby of hers a career. Oh and aside from the wonderful interiors of the unit, this apartment is located in 1189 Melville which even makes it more appealing since it’s situated in the Coal Harbour area of Downtown Vancouver.



Client: Chris Burns



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