Boundary Bay living

Beach season is upon us and one of my favourite residential areas to photograph during this season is in Boundary Bay. Aside from being located by the beach (Centennial beach), this community is unique on its own because all the houses are quaintly distinct from one another. I’ve been going back here a few times for the past month to photograph a few of the houses for LivingSpaceImaging and the house that i’m featuring on this post is unique because of how the owner was able to maximize the size of the property. It’s actually one of the smaller houses i’ve photographed in terms of square footage but because of the layout and open concept (which i am a huge fan of), it makes the property seem bigger than it is. Take away the fireplace and i can also imagine this house somewhere in the Philippines or in Asia.

244-66A-St-15-Web244-66A-St-16-Web244-66A-St-02-Web244-66A-St-12-Web244-66A-St-11-Web 244-66A-St-09-Web244-66A-St-18-Web 244-66A-St-06-Web 244-66A-St-03-Web244-66A-St-13-Web244-66A-St-20-Web



Client: Christina Watts

Address: 244 66A street Delta, BC


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