Homestaging: Is it really necessary?

I’ve always wanted to do a before and after blog post of an empty unit vs a staged unit but 90% of the time, the unit is already staged or fixed up when we’re called since the client doesn’t want to have to pay twice for photos. Recently, i was fortunate enough to be able to do this and i’m glad i am able to visually show you the difference. There are so many units for sale in Vancouver that as a photographer, our job is to best represent the unit to prospective buyers. Unfortunately not everyone is gifted in seeing an empty unit and being able to visualize it as a livable home. This is where a stager comes in handy to help future buyers visualize if the unit is a good match for themselves. They’re also there to show you possible scenarios on how the unit’s space can be maximized whether it’s using all 3 bedrooms as bedrooms or converting one of them to a office/personal space/exercise room/children’s playroom/storage. As you scroll down the photos, you can judge for yourself whether the staging was an added value or not.

Unit for sale: 101 22nd street, West Vancouver

Realtor: Franco Diligenti and Sarah Cabianca

Home stager: Sharon Biro of SmartSell Staging




_MG_9971-HDR-Edit _MG_9980-HDR-Edit_MG_9989-HDR-Edit


101-West-22nd-05-Web 101-West-22nd-04-MLS


_MG_0001-HDR-2-Edit_MG_0026-HDR-Edit_MG_0035-HDR-Edit_MG_0011-HDR-EditBEFORE: PATIO

101-West-22nd-07-WebAFTER: PATIO



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1 Response to Homestaging: Is it really necessary?

  1. Alexandra Newman says:

    I think staging for particular layouts is essential in selling it! It is totally worth the money spent.

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